I have an upcoming life event (For example, marriage, childbirth, etc.). What do I need to do?

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Bob Gearhart
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When things change throughout the year like the birth of a child, marriage, divorce, loss of coverage elsewhere, etc. you may need to update your benefits outside of Open Enrollment. If you're not sure if you're able to update your benefits now please read our article about Qualifying Life Events (QLEs) Provided you have a QLE, please follow the steps below to update your benefits outside of the Open Enrollment:


1. Go to Employee Navigator and click Login.

2. Enter in your username and password and click Login.

3. From your Home page, click on Life Events.

4. Select your desired Life Event from the Add Coverage or Drop Coverage options provided.

Please note: Changes to your coverage (employee) are on the left and changes for dependents are on the right.


5. Enter the date of the event and provide all requested information. Typical requested information consists of: Plans to drop, Date previous coverage ended, Adding or Selecting Dependent to add or drop. Note: Each Life Event will provide additional information when selected. Use the last date that you (employee) or your dependent(s) will have coverage through your company. Then, click Save. 


6. Your Life Event has been completed and you will be taken to a summary page showing your new elections. Please ensure that the information is correct and if changes are required please contact the Benefits Help Desk.

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